Beautiful Ambrosia Maple Platter/Bowl

$65.00 USD


Product Description

This lovely handturned piece would make a great serving piece for dip and chips or artichoke or spinach dip and bread cubes...or a round candle in the center with seaglass in the outer edge. Possiblities are endless. If you use it for dip, please place the dip or salsa in a glass bowl first and sit it inside the center area. Also...candles should not be left unattended nor should it be allowed to burn down in this piece. It is significant in weight, beautiuflly figured and glassy feel. Beautiful on it's own as well as functional.

Beautiful Ambrosia Maple Platter/Bowl Beautiful Ambrosia Maple Platter/Bowl

D. P. DeVendra - The Blind Woodturner

Welcome and thanks for visiting my shop. Some may think that a person who is blind would not be a woodturner. I believe that everyone should follow their passion. If you have any questions or special requests please let me know.