Hello my name is Dennis DeVendra and I am a woodturner who is blind. In 2004 after many years of woodworking I decided to try my hand at woodturning. After a slow start I found a passion for this form of artwork.

I started making pens then graduated to bowls, peppermills, hollowed forms and I keep expanding all the time.

It may seem unusual that a person who is blind would turn. I believe we should follow our passions no matter the obstacles. I have received a lot of help along the way from my wife, Genia who is my biggest fan and critic to my friend Venley in upstate New York, who showed me how to turn a bowl. Robert Rosand who spent 3 days one on one with me showing me how to turn ornaments and hollowed forms. Many members of the local Central Ohio Woodturners club have mentored me along the way as well.

I continue to explore this art form and look forward to creating traditional and new pieces.

I am also a mentor at the Ohio State University STEM program. In my Youtube video you can see a little of my activities as well as some shots of me turning a honey dipper.

Visit me at my website www.blindwoodturner.com

D. P. DeVendra - The Blind Woodturner

Welcome and thanks for visiting my shop. Some may think that a person who is blind would not be a woodturner. I believe that everyone should follow their passion. If you have any questions or special requests please let me know.