Walnut Vase

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Product Description

As a woodturner who is blind there are many creations that would be easier if I could see. The hollowed form is different. The inside of the form is carved out with curved tools that you cannot see during the cutting process. This is called “blind turning”. Since I spend most of my life feeling and hearing, the hollowed form plays to my strengths.

To create a hollowed form I shape the outside and cut any ornamentation. I start the hollowing process by drilling a small hole down to the bottom of the vase. The next step is to insert a curved tool and scrape out the inside. It is a slow and tedious process resulting in a wooden vase with side walls less than a quarter inch. The outside is sanded to at least 600 grit and hand-rubbed with a polyurethane coating leaving a satin finish.

You can visit my youtube pages to see me turn a hollowed form: www.youtube.com/dpdevendra.

Walnut Vase

D. P. DeVendra - The Blind Woodturner

Welcome and thanks for visiting my shop. Some may think that a person who is blind would not be a woodturner. I believe that everyone should follow their passion. If you have any questions or special requests please let me know.